Youth Services Practitioner

I have always had a strong passion for sports and working with young people, particularly within combat sports. I started boxing at 13 and transitioned in to coaching at 22. I have since branched out in to sports specific strength and conditioning, having worked with amateur boxers and professional footballers. Through a combination of my own experiences, understanding of trauma and how it is often linked with offending behaviours, I now design and deliver sports based interventions using relationship building and mentoring as tools to engage young people.


Therapeutic Support Practitioner

I’ve worked at Heavy Sound since it first started. I have experience in supporting young people and families. It is my job to help to create a safe and nurturing environment for all or our young people, this also extends to parents/carers and anyone who walks through our doors. I have experience in working with both adults and young people who have experienced trauma so my aim is to help create a person-centred, trauma informed environment here at Heavy Sound.



I’m Jordan, the founder of Heavy Sound, which I set up in 2015 after successfully piloting the model in residential care and community settings. Heavy Sound is based on my own lived experience of trauma, offending behaviours, substance misuse and homelessness. I used my experiences of system failure, inequality, and trauma to develop Heavy Sound’s approaches. I’ve got over 15 years of hip hop, music making and creative writing experience and over 10 years of front-line youth work experience. I have neurological, learning, and behavioural challenges including Dyslexia and ADHD.





Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Linda, I’m the Chief Executive Officer at Heavy Sound, and am a trainee Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.  I joined Heavy Sound over 5 years ago because of my own lived experience. Making a difference in people’s lives through the power of positive relationships and creating meaningful purpose is at the heart of everything we do, which is why I love my job. I also chair Families Outside and am on the board of Community Justice Scotland. Outside of work I’ve got 3 kids and a tortoise. Life is busy but I’ll always make time.


Mentoring Services Manager

I am Malcolm (Malky), I am the Mentoring Services Manager and I have been working with Heavy Sound since early 2021. I have previous work experience in the Mental Health, Addictions and Community Justice sectors. Along with having qualifications in Counselling and Health and Social Care, I have lived experience from each of the fields I have worked in, so I bring a holistic view and approach to working and want to support people to make changes in their lives. I am a Board member with the Scottish Drugs Forum.


16+ Coordinator

Hello, I am Melissa. I’ve been with Heavy Sound since Spring 2022. I joined as a Social Work student on placement but quickly decided that a Social Work career wasn’t really for me. However, the team asked if I would stay on and after a brief stint volunteering I am now a fully-fledged member of the team and love every second of it.  

I have a background in Performing Arts, gaining an Hons degree in Drama. I appeared in Trainspotting 2 which was great fun and a fantastic experience.  I also have lived experience of addiction, trauma and PTSD, which helps me to relate to young people and offer mentorship founded on building positive relationships.  


Head of Youth Services

Hello, my name is Sarah.  I am a neurodivergent educational psychologist and qualified teacher.  I am an avid learner and always curious about wanting to understand young people.  I love animals and also enjoy the tranquillity offered by the outdoors.  Originally from South Africa, I have had extensive experience working alongside, supporting and advocating for vulnerable young people.  I have just recently been invited to join the team at Heavy Sound and I am really excited to explore how I can add value through relationship, in neuro-affirming, trauma informed ways.


Mentor (Adult Services)

Hi, Im Scott! As a trauma informed, lived experience mentor, I bring firsthand knowledge of (adversity) transforming my life from hopelessness to change. With the help and support of others, I have (continue) empowered myself to fulfill my own goals and aspirations beyond my previous (feelings of limitation) circumstances. Now, I am dedicated to supporting others in their journey towards self-empowerment, guiding them, from a place of empathy, compassion and non judgement to overcome their current life challenges. Together, we lay solid foundations, create/inspire positive change, and embrace the possibilities of a brighter future.

Portrait of Stevie


16+ Coordinator

Hi, I’m Stephen. I teach bike maintenance courses and I am a trained cycle leader. Through this I use my own lived experience, understanding of trauma and offending behaviour to work towards building relationships and trust with the young people to be able to support them to a more positive future.  



Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Thilo – Operations Manager here at Heavy Sound. I have a music degree and have been creating music and playing in many bands all my life. I have also been working as a software trainer and have been managing a small team previous to me joining Heavy Sound. Although I still work with our YP on music occasionally I am now mainly responsible for supporting the Heavy Sound team, providing technical support, ensuring system and processes are in place, looking after HR, payroll, budgets etc