Generating Change

A wealth of research shows that far too many young people have a challenging home life, or have experienced trauma, which can lead to a spiral of negative behaviour that can have a lasting effect on future life chances.

There is international evidence showing that resilient young people who end up doing well in spite of adversity have usually had the opportunity to experience positive engagement with a supportive, trusted adult. This is significant in re-engaging young people in learning. The role of teaching staff and the wider support network is therefore crucial. Engaging, nurturing approaches improve social, emotional and educational attainment, leading to improved health and wellbeing and future employability.

Heavy Sound makes learning work for vulnerable, disadvantaged and disengaged young people, re-engaging them through innovative projects involving hip hop and rapping, song writing, DJ’ing and mixing tuition, electronic music production, sound recording, graphic design and film making, as well as mentoring. We focus on prevention and early intervention by offering a range of bespoke services, which can be tailored to suit individual and group needs. The projects teach young people new skills in the creative arts, whilst addressing issues around self confidence, self esteem and general wellbeing by exploring self expression in a fully supported environment.

Heavy Sound runs projects in schools, communities, secure units, prisons, care services, and homeless and mental health services. We primarily target groups through our social enterprise who:

We work closely with target groups to tackle social issues including attainment, inequality, bullying, the importance of positive role models, risky behaviours, offending, wellbeing, health issues including chronic health problems and mental health issues, drug and alcohol misuse, learning difficulties and additional support needs, disability, and homelessness.In addition, we are delighted to be able to offer Soundbeam and Vibroacoustics, ground breaking assistive inclusive music technology, which we use to engage specific groups, including those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, those with special needs and those in aged care.

Through positive engagement, we aim to improve life chances and move young people to positive futures. We change lives through music.

We are partners with Edinburgh College, an SQA Accredited Centre, which allows us to deliver accredited courses in music and sound production, bike maintenance, sports, and wellbeing. All of our services are tailored to address learning outcomes and our projects impact upon existing support needs, as well as curricular objectives, to help participants toward national certification. We also offer training opportunities.

As a social enterprise, our aim is to expand our business and create employment opportunities, which will allow us to scale up our services and role them out further, giving us wider geographic reach, and greater social impact. We aim to offer positions to individuals who have participated in our services, as well as identifying leading practitioners who can work with us. We are developing our partnership with activities agreements to become a provider of work experience to those furthest from the job market aged between 16 and 21. We are excited to be able to offer some of the young people we work with opportunities to record their music through our record label. We will also showcase rising talent through local radio stations with which we already have links.

Through all of this, we aim to become a national leader in the provision of music and creative arts services, effecting community benefit and social impact by offering opportunities Scotland wide.