The Beat Lab

“From Hip hop, Metal, Drill or Grime to Vocal, Acoustic and anything in between” Whether you make, play or just listen to music, music technology affects your life. This course provides a predominantly participant lead experience which builds on using all aspects of music production. Using Music technology in a studio, the course is delivered over a set period of weeks to explore different instruments, music technology & production in your own style. Like all of our courses no previous experience is needed. Students will learn some of the basics of music technology, starting with what sound is, basic equipment set up and progressing to using instruments and technology in a studio environment to make beats and produce & record your own music.

This course includes:

Qualifications & Certification 

Through our music projects, we can offer participants the opportunity to enroll with Edinburgh College on the Heavy Sound course. We currently offer the SQA unit Music Technology at SCQF level 3 and can also support them through qualifications in areas such as Positive Relationships and Well-being.