Cipher School

For those who are already rapping, writing songs or want to try, the main issues facing up-and-comers is access to original beats and recording their music. As well as gaining direction from people with music industry experience it will also introduce participants to like-minded peers. We actively encourage collaboration between the participants to help them built their own network of up-and-coming artists, which will give them support and a reference point in future. Through this development course we want to help shape the next generation of lyricists and beat makers, and support them to develop their artistry and release music.

This course is also predominantly participant led, but it looks more in-depth at different beat making and microphone techniques, as well as the setup of a recording studio and the equipment needed to start recording music at home. 

Qualifications & Certification 

Through our music projects, we can offer participants the opportunity to enroll with Edinburgh College on the Heavy Sound course. We currently offer the SQA unit Music Technology at SCQF level 3 and can also support them through qualifications in areas such as Positive Relationships and Well-being.