Mentoring & Throughcare

Heavy Sound’s mentors support people who are involved in the criminal justice system whether that is in prison, on community pay back orders, drug treatment testing orders or out on license.  

Our mentors have lived experience from being in prison or have been through the criminal justice system themselves. We want to support people and show them that they can break the cycle of offending or at least show there is an alternative to how they are living their lives. 

At Heavy Sound we give people opportunities to use their experiences to help others through being volunteer mentors, accessing training, developing new skills, and to hopefully realise their potential.  

We know that change is difficult but having someone who has been through a similar experience alongside you, who will support you, it then becomes a whole lot easier.  

We at Heavy Sound know that it is about more than just offending!  

It is about addictions, mental health, homelessness, education, benefits, relationships, and poverty amongst other things. There are so many barriers to overcome that we want to help people to navigate these as smoothly as possible.  

To find out more about our mentoring services please email: