What is #AndSheCycles?

Heavy Sound are one of the winners of this year’s #AndSheCycles Fund! The #AndSheCycles campaign celebrates the mental, physical and environmental benefits of cycling among young women. Heavy Sound’s Youth Services Assistant Manager, Eve Simpson (pictured above) said:

“Heavy Sound are delighted to have been awarded this funding to help engage teenage girls, young women, trans and non-binary individuals in learning to ride a bike or increase their confidence on a bike.

“This funding will allow us to remove some of the physical and social barriers that the people we support face with accessing cycling.

“By providing equipment chosen by the group for the group, as well as time, space and support, this project aims to increase the participants’ confidence, health and well-being and independence to actively travel safely in the community.”

#AndSheCycles is a Scotland-wide campaign to encourage more teenage girls to cycle for everyday journeys. The digital campaign celebrates the mental, physical and environmental benefits of cycling and is guided by insights from groups of teenage girls aged 13 to 18 in Scotland.

The campaign is funded by the Scottish Government and inspired by Green Schools Ireland.

While cycling provides clear advantages, teenage girls have reported they choose not to cycle because of negative stereotypes, a lack of role models and low levels of confidence.

A Sustrans study conducted in Brighton and Hove found that just 0.4 percent of secondary school-aged girls cycle to school regularly, compared to 4.7 percent of boys.

The core message of the campaign is that cycling is a healthy, fun and faster way to travel.

Qualifications & Certification

Through our bike projects, we can offer participants the opportunity to enroll with Edinburgh College on the Heavy Sound course. We currently offer the SQA Cycling Award at SCQF level 1 & 2, GoMTB awards and can also support you through qualifications in areas such as Positive Relationships and Well-being.